Friday, November 5, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

various summer pictures

Fei and her best friend Macy at the pool.

The boys and Yia Yia with Bo.

Isa and Tori

My going away party with all my girls- I miss them so!

Proud Papa

Pictures from our summer - 2010

I was lucky enough to have two sweet teenagers from Pittsburgh help me out this summer with the kids while we got settled into our new home. I love you Isa and Tori! Come back!

Feiley hanging with her cousins Cade and Luke in downtown Greenville.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

crazy few months!

I have to apologize for not posting lately. We are in the mist of moving and things have been a bit crazy. Will update with pictures and more later. Love, the Comfort family!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Feiley and aunties

Feiley and aunt sha sha- she is showing us her favorite snack- the endamane.

Aunt JeJe and Feiley- Feiley looks like a chunker here- she is about the twice the size she was when we brought her home.

Smile- you can do it!

Me and mommy on my birthday.

I love you sweet daughter!

Feileys birthday weekend

Feileys favorite activity- DANCING- I mean really shaking it and getting down!

Feiley with her valentine Papa sent her. He asked her to "be his valentine" First granddaughter- what do you expect...

Super Cade snuggling with Macy. She was glad to get some attention over the weekend.

Cousin Sawyer and Feiley at the party- Feiley is exhausted at this point. She had gone days without a nap! Help.

The the boys made a pallate to watch movies in the family room at night- special time for them all as they don't see each other too awfully much.

Partying with Feiley! Happy Birthday!

My sisters and nephews were able to come to Pittsburgh to share Feileys special weekend with us. Here, Luke, loves loves loves cupcakes and is chowing at her pool party.

Mommy made the wish for Feiley after we sang- will let you know if it comes true!

She knows exactly how to open gifts and loved doing it. I am so happy she only had to miss one year of anyone celebrating her special life.

Of course her favorite toy- the Kai Lan (sp) talking doll! Its her best friend besides the dog Macy.

She would smile when my sister said say cheese- she WILL NOT smile for me.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Feiley having fun and the crazy things she likes to do!

I decided that even though Feileys a girl, it would be ok for her to run around half dressed when she is doing something messy. I guess after raising two boys, this look isn't too weird for me. And besides, she LOVES being without a shirt and I got a smile out of her! Yea!

She is playing basketball with all the neighborhood kiddos. She loves being part of the "gang".

Think Bubba can teach me how to do that?

We have been able to enjoy the outside much more lately after months of having cabin fever. Feiley loves walking around, exploring the house, the grass, driveway- pointing at planes flying over head. Its very cool for her to see all the new sights.

Feiley and her girlfriends Rachel and Lily having a tea party.

Busted! Feiley has an obsession with playing (and eating) Macys dog food and water. Forget toys, she is happy playing in water all day.

Mommy was so excited to finally get to paint my toes! She has waited for years to have a daugher and to be able to do this! Yea fun for me and mommy.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

snowball fights and sledding winter 2010

Feiley and bubbas. The snow is finally melting a little and warming up so Feiley has been able to go outside for the first time all winter and enjoy the snow.

Zach getting ready to cream Josh with the snowball.

Daddy made a luve track for the boys. They love it but the only way to stop is to go into the street. Hope the cars see them when they pass by.

Enjoying the Pittsburgh snow. Feiley finally walked on it. She was scared at first not knowing what all the white stuff was. She quickly learned it was fun but slippery.

Do I have to live here where its so white and cold all the time? What happened to warmth and sunshine?

Bubba making a snowball for me. He is the sweetest bro.

Me and mommy enjoying the sun that finally came out in weeks!