Friday, October 30, 2009

update on Feiley

Hello all -
Wanted to update you on Feiley- She is adjusting wonderfully. The first 5 days or so were filled with crying, jet lag, insecurity, sleepless nights, and a very tired mommy. Now, she is as sweet as candy. She smiles on demand, loves her brothers and daddy, says mama mama ALL the time, plays independently (yes, mommy sometimes walks away for 5 minutes or so to do laundry, clean floors, ect.). She eats anything in sight and is sleeping 12 hours or so night. She still has a cold and cough and sometimes needs a breathing treatment. This has been going on for almost a week and we are ready for it to go away. Now, for the past two days, we have had doctors appointments to evaluate her development and heart condition. As for her development, she is delayed but they do not see any need for therapy right now. They want to give her a few months to catch up on her own. With her heart condition, the hole in her heart is small but is causing some leakage. There are also 2 other areas of her heart that are not working properly which may be caused from the hole. They have put her on two heart meds. for the next two weeks and then will evaluate her again. They did ekg's today but will redo in two weeks. The chances she will need open heart surgery are high at this point since there is some leakage. The cardiologist believes if he can close the hole, the other two areas in her heart that are not working properly will fix itself- they hope. This is not what we wanted to hear even though we suspected all along she would need surgery. We ask for your continued prayers that God would heal her heart well enough for NO SURGERY and if that is not the case, that she would be fine after her surgery. We are so glad she is finally home with us and we can help her get better. She is such a doll. We know everything is going to be alright and we have great confidence in our cardiologist and most of all our GOD.
Love to you
Cathie and Chris and Fei Fei

Monday, October 26, 2009

We are home!

We have been home 3 days now and been very busy. Feiley is doing better and better each day. She still cries alot but that is understandable. If you think about all she has been through the past 18 months- having a birth mom, being abandoned, taken to police station, lived in orphanage, lived in foster care, back into orphanage, then these blonde haired people come and take her to two different hotels, airplane rides, car rides, into a new home with two blonde brothers, a huge blonde dog, new smells, food, climate- you can see why shes a little out of whack. She is so cute and loves music and to dance. Will post pictures as soon as I can. We are totally in love with her.

Monday, October 19, 2009

we are still here in china 3 more days

Hello all! We have been very busy and also we have not been able to access our email. Feiley is great. We love Guangzhou. I am eating Italian, Thai, American food and I'm not hungry anymore. Feiley eats anything we give her. She will walk now with assistance and smiles and laughs all the time. She can scream and cry but all 18 month olds do that. Today we tried the swimming pool and she would play in the water sitting on my lap. Yesterday we had our first tea party together at this fancy tea house and Feiley decided to whip cheerios all the over the fancy place. We also went to a Buddist Temple and they wanted us to dedicate her to the Budda that represents children. We said we would pass on that one. We are having a great time but ready to be home. Wish we could magically get there without travelling 30 hours. Signing off for now.

The Comforts

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 1 - We Got Her

Unbelievable Day..had to go to Mickey D's when all was said and done!

Day 2 Doing Much Better - Thank You

She likes us...although we still look a little different...and you should see the look the locals give us.

Went to the orphanage and met the workers that were dedicated to caring for her..they call her Fei Fei

Also a unbelievable circumstance...decided to go to where she was abandoned. We needed to ask directions as to where a specific pavalion was where Fei Fei was abondend. Our guide asked a park police officer where the pavalion was...and then noticed that our guide and the officer were talking a million miles a minute...turns out SHE was the officer that found Fei Fei in the park! amazing

Saturday, October 10, 2009

First day in China

Walked around all day in Kunming and saw lots of beautiful parks and people. The little children like to look at us and smile. So cute. The one picture of all the buildings is the view from the hotel. Tomorrow is Stone Forest. See ya then.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Backed up

Come on jfk...windshield view on the runway

We are outta here

We are in the trunk

Last US meal

Our last meal

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Getting ready to Pick up Feiley

Well, its finally here. We are leaving this week to travel to China. Please continue to pray for our safe travels, for our Gotcha Day with Feiley- that it is a wonderful union of meeting one another for the first time - that she falls in love with us just like we are with her already and that any attachment issues would be minor and manageable. We thank all our family and friends for their support during this adoption process. Our love to you all and prayers that you also have a wonderful couple of weeks with lots of God given moments.

The Comforts