Sunday, February 21, 2010

snowball fights and sledding winter 2010

Feiley and bubbas. The snow is finally melting a little and warming up so Feiley has been able to go outside for the first time all winter and enjoy the snow.

Zach getting ready to cream Josh with the snowball.

Daddy made a luve track for the boys. They love it but the only way to stop is to go into the street. Hope the cars see them when they pass by.

Enjoying the Pittsburgh snow. Feiley finally walked on it. She was scared at first not knowing what all the white stuff was. She quickly learned it was fun but slippery.

Do I have to live here where its so white and cold all the time? What happened to warmth and sunshine?

Bubba making a snowball for me. He is the sweetest bro.

Me and mommy enjoying the sun that finally came out in weeks!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

smile Feiley, smile

Having our morning tea together.

Can you tell how much weight she has gained since her heart is working perfectly?

Check out my cheeks- you can't hardly see her dimple anymore.

Valentine pictures

Thanks sha sha for the valentines dress! Love it!

Scary! Our crazy children!

more birthday pictures

Finally a picture of our yia yia!

Blowing out the candles- all 11 of them!

Feiley and the boys- shes a lucky girl...

Joshua 11th birthday and hanging with fei fei

Celebrating with Joshua as he turns 11! Josh, Ty (new neighbor) and Zach.

Having Fun with Feiley and the boys

Now that Feiley's heart surgery is over and is pretty much recovered from it all, we have been having lots of fun with our hiliarious, healthy baby girl. Feiley is such a joy. She is funny, sweet, smiles tons, (even though I rarely catch it on camera), and is just plain cute. I am posting pictures of our past month with her.

We took Josh, Zach, and Feiley to DC for the weekend. We visited my friend Karen who was about to have her first baby boy and we showed the kids the capital of our our great nation.

Chris took the boys to the air and space museum for Joshuas 11th birthday gift. His life long dream is to go to the airforce academy and be an airforce pilot. He also got flying lessons from my dad. Watch out birdies.