Saturday, August 29, 2009

We are LOA!

We finally got our LOA yesterday from the Chinese Government! This is our Letter of Acceptance and the beginning of our travel plans! Look out China, Here come the Comforts!!

Last pictures of vacation

Cade, Josh, Zach, and Luke- they really as as sweet as they look...............

Feileys cousin Sawyer posing on the beach.

There is a 4th of July parade every year at our beach house which is quit humerous. Here are Sawyer and Josh riding along in the parade on their scooters and motorcycles.

Our favorite beach we call "Comfort Isle"

We absolutely love this beach. It is off Little River and is so private. Here are Josh, Zach, and Cade playing ball in the water.

Zach met a guy who can stand up rocks by their tips onto larger rocks. So, Zach decided to try it out and he actually did it! This is Zachs rock he made stand up on his own. He was so proud.

Mommy, daddy, Zach and Josh. Family of four soon to be family of 5!!

Just another beautiful picture of the island. Cannot wait to share it with our daughter.

The boys playing on the rocks and trying to catch fish.

Feiley's family

So, Feiley, you have two brothers and 4 cousins on mommys side- all boy cousins! These little dudes are going to eat you up! They all can't wait to meet you!

Feiley, this is Cade selling lemonade at our beach house. He is raising money for your orphan friends for blankets and clothes for them.

The boys have been dying to go to Carowinds, the amusement park in Charlotte, NC. We finally made it there this summer.

Josh and Sawyer standing in North Carolina and South Carolina at the same time.

Feiley, this is the one and only Holt. Your oldest cousin on mommys side. He thinks he is a stud and pretty much is. He is going to teach you how to sing and dance and act just like he does.

Friday, August 21, 2009

mission- how to decorate with pink instead of blue

Well, its been weeks since I have posted to this blog! We've been very busy with house projects, end of summer camps, buying school supplies, ect. I believe since I last wrote, we took another camping trip, which I of course did not stay overnight in the tent. I did go boating with the boys and that was lots of fun as usual. I have been working busily on decorating Feileys room. It is slowly but surely turning into a pink and green little haven to welcome her home. Its the smallest room in the house so I'm having a hard time doing all I want to do. I will post pictures as soon as it is presentable. The boys are so excited that they are actually sleeping in the bunkbeds in her room tonight. Pink and green polka dot sheets- they don't care. I think when she gets here, they will want to stay in there with her while she sleeps in her crib. That will be kinda cute. Signing off for now. Love, Cathie

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Setting Up Camp

The boys rock skipping before a long day boating.

Doesn't this look like fun? Chris actually got the tent up in a matter of minutes. Go daddy go.
I'm bad, I'm bad, You know I'm really bad. - Oh, been listening to too much Michael Jackson lately.

Get ready for "The Death Ride"

Adventures throughout our day.

Rocco getting ready to take a swim.
Baby got back- runs in the Thomas family unfortunately.

Zach a poo getting ready to explore the island.

Daddy paddling the tube.

Josh's personality. Calm, reserved, serious.

Our boating and camping Weekend

Zachs personality- adventurous, exploring, surfing on a knee board- whatever.

Josh, Rocco and Zach getting ready for the "death ride" as they call it.

Sunset on Lake Berlin

Little Zach- Getting ready to crash on the boat- long day.

Friend Rocco and daddy putting the boat up for the night.

Week 8 of Summer

Well, we actually stayed in town this week - at least until Saturday. #9 on our list of things to do this summer is camping! I hate camping! It would not even be on the list at all except that Chris says "Do it for the boys". So on Friday, I packed up all our camping gear (which isn't much seeing as we are not professional campers) and at 7am Saturday morning, headed to Lake Berlin, Ohio. Being the princess I think for some reason I'm entitled to be in our family, I decided I would spend the day setting up camp, organizing all the food, sleeping bags, ect. and hanging out on the Lake, but I would not sleep outside in a tent with every bug, bat, raccoon, and fox under the sun(moon). Luckily, our friends Dave and Rocco decided they would spend the day on the lake with us and would therefore be able to drive me back home later in the evening to my warm, comfy bed. And thats how the day went. I will post pictures as soon as they are downloaded. We had a great time!