Thursday, January 14, 2010

Feiley after being home 3 months

Mommy loves me very much but can't make me smile for a million raisins.

Is it bathing suit season yet? Ready to see this beach house mommy keeps telling me about. Oh yea, we live in Pittsburgh- it won't be warm here for another 6 months or so. Yea. Not.

Had to take a picture of the boys before haircuts- now they are both buzzed- Zachs first short hair cut- I like it long.

Feiley in front her beautiful tree with all her heart ornaments! Thanks everyone!

Macy thinks Feiley is the best thing around next to cheese and vanilla wafers. Macy gets all of Feileys food that "accidently" falls on the floor.

Still do NOT have a good picture of the 3 of them together! Fustrating!

Feiley with sweet Aunt Je Je smiling at the kitties.

Aunt Sha Sha gave Feiley a Welcome Home party over Christmas. We had pink cake, pink balloons, lots of sweet friends and family come see us.
Feiley in front of the Christmas tree and "sha sha's" house.

Feiley when we were at our friends Tony and Sharons house in South Carolina.

Just another picture of Feiley in her Christmas dress.
Feiley in one of her many Christmas dresses smiling- its hard to catch a picture of her doing that.

Daddy, Feiley, and bubbas- mommy taking picture.

Josh thinks he is too good to smile.

A few new pictures from Christmas 2009

Zach in front of the family tree adorned with the beautiful handmade ornaments our friends and family made for Feiley.