Sunday, June 21, 2009

Second Week Of Summer

Well, we survived our 2nd week of summer! At least most of us did. This is a "before" picture of my sweet little Macy. Took her the groomer for a "redo" on Friday because they did not groom her short enough for summer. Now, she looks like an oversized rat! She (and mommy) were too embarrassed to take her "after grooming redo" picture. Poor macy, no more fluff. The boys want to sue the groomer. Maybe thats one way to raise money for our Feiley!

Fathers Day! These are the boys practicing their swing before daddy takes them to the driving range. At least they arn't aiming towards the house.

Cookout for daddy for Fathers Day. Everyones favorite hamburgers and corn on the cob. Its been a long time since no complaints at dinnertime. They even gave me big hug and thanked me for dinner! Guess it will be hamburgers every night from now on!

This was the best! Zachary had been begging me all day to do a lemonade stand so I headed to Walmart to buy all the goodies, lemonade, cups, and a big poster board. He decided to call it "Feileys Lemonade Stand" and give all his proceeds to the orphans in China! We will do this all summer and use the money to buy the orphans blankies. We will send them with our care package to Feiley. Zachie and I are big fans on "blankies" - I still have mine from when I was born and Zach still sleeps with his. We have a special pink one for Feiley that we can't wait to give her!

One activity on our summer "things to do list" was for Josh to buy a remote airplane. He finally got it on Friday and within minutes, it had crashed and burned. Think we will keep saving for a better one. Josh is obsessed with flying and wants to be a fighter pilot in the Air Force. We hope he continues to have this dream.

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