Monday, October 19, 2009

we are still here in china 3 more days

Hello all! We have been very busy and also we have not been able to access our email. Feiley is great. We love Guangzhou. I am eating Italian, Thai, American food and I'm not hungry anymore. Feiley eats anything we give her. She will walk now with assistance and smiles and laughs all the time. She can scream and cry but all 18 month olds do that. Today we tried the swimming pool and she would play in the water sitting on my lap. Yesterday we had our first tea party together at this fancy tea house and Feiley decided to whip cheerios all the over the fancy place. We also went to a Buddist Temple and they wanted us to dedicate her to the Budda that represents children. We said we would pass on that one. We are having a great time but ready to be home. Wish we could magically get there without travelling 30 hours. Signing off for now.

The Comforts

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