Wednesday, November 11, 2009

thank you and update

Hello family and friends,
I wanted to thank you all for your prayers, well wishes, gifts, visits, meals and everything wonderful in between over these last few months. I am usually very organized and good at remembering and personally sending thank you notes. Regrettfully, I have not been able to set aside the time to do that right now so therefore I am writing you all via email. I am embarrassed to do this and please forgive me as I know it is not the proper way to say thank you. The shower that was given to Feiley and I a while back was so beautiful. I appreciate all the hard work that went into organizing it and for everyone who was able to come or send their good wishes. We love all gifts from the cute dresses to the wooden cart that Brian Kilgus spent hours putting together. She loves pushing that thing around! The gift cards were greatly appreciated and have been spent on more clothes and obviously diapers! Guess I shouldn't think about the potty training thing until she is walking better and her heart is stronger. The meals were so greatly appreciated also as everyone knows cooking is not my forteit, my kids are picky eaters, and trying to find to time to whip up a meal holding a 19 month old is not easy. We are doing very well over here. She is adjusting better than expected to have only been home almost 3 weeks now. She absolutely loves her brothers. And Macy, she actually likes her now too. Our greatest struggle is still this cough which she has had since we got back. We have been to the doctor I don't know how many times. We went back again today and they think the cough may be due to her heart and the fluid that is around it. They increased her two heart meds and the cardiologist is now going to see us on Monday instead of two weeks from now. They are not sure if it is a secondary cold she caught, or if this is her heart getting worst. The pediatrician said today that she is so glad Feiley is home now and that if it is her heart getting worst, that she got home just in time. While we are praying she will not need surgery, it looks as though she will. Continue to pray for her, for us and that all will be well. I hear the song "It is well, It is well with my soul" and it is. God has brought her this far and he will carry her through. Thank you all so much for your friendship and prayers. We love you all.
Cathie, Chris, Josh, Zach and Feiley

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