Saturday, August 29, 2009

Feiley's family

So, Feiley, you have two brothers and 4 cousins on mommys side- all boy cousins! These little dudes are going to eat you up! They all can't wait to meet you!

Feiley, this is Cade selling lemonade at our beach house. He is raising money for your orphan friends for blankets and clothes for them.

The boys have been dying to go to Carowinds, the amusement park in Charlotte, NC. We finally made it there this summer.

Josh and Sawyer standing in North Carolina and South Carolina at the same time.

Feiley, this is the one and only Holt. Your oldest cousin on mommys side. He thinks he is a stud and pretty much is. He is going to teach you how to sing and dance and act just like he does.

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