Friday, August 21, 2009

mission- how to decorate with pink instead of blue

Well, its been weeks since I have posted to this blog! We've been very busy with house projects, end of summer camps, buying school supplies, ect. I believe since I last wrote, we took another camping trip, which I of course did not stay overnight in the tent. I did go boating with the boys and that was lots of fun as usual. I have been working busily on decorating Feileys room. It is slowly but surely turning into a pink and green little haven to welcome her home. Its the smallest room in the house so I'm having a hard time doing all I want to do. I will post pictures as soon as it is presentable. The boys are so excited that they are actually sleeping in the bunkbeds in her room tonight. Pink and green polka dot sheets- they don't care. I think when she gets here, they will want to stay in there with her while she sleeps in her crib. That will be kinda cute. Signing off for now. Love, Cathie

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