Sunday, August 2, 2009

Week 8 of Summer

Well, we actually stayed in town this week - at least until Saturday. #9 on our list of things to do this summer is camping! I hate camping! It would not even be on the list at all except that Chris says "Do it for the boys". So on Friday, I packed up all our camping gear (which isn't much seeing as we are not professional campers) and at 7am Saturday morning, headed to Lake Berlin, Ohio. Being the princess I think for some reason I'm entitled to be in our family, I decided I would spend the day setting up camp, organizing all the food, sleeping bags, ect. and hanging out on the Lake, but I would not sleep outside in a tent with every bug, bat, raccoon, and fox under the sun(moon). Luckily, our friends Dave and Rocco decided they would spend the day on the lake with us and would therefore be able to drive me back home later in the evening to my warm, comfy bed. And thats how the day went. I will post pictures as soon as they are downloaded. We had a great time!

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